16 thoughts on “how to install magento”

  1. Thank you really Helpfull video for all begenar who want to leant
    instalation megento.
    Bye the way do you have any video link “how to setup megento menually or
    Local server (wamp server)”.

    Thanks anyway

  2. Content is good. Really a helpful video. But couldn’t catch all because of
    the uneasiness in language. Got over all idea. Have to improve the
    narration with better language. Otherwise no one will be interested to
    watch the next videos.Because we won’t get the idea clearly. 

  3. do you have a video showing how to install without 1-click? I am on go
    daddy and trying to install into a sub folder

  4. gud evening sir
    my self sri hari
    my domain is at godadddy and hosting at hostgator
    i have followed all steps that mentioned in our video its so helpfu tol mee
    am installing magento
    a have an doubt
    you said that upload media folder if images not able to view in our site
    in my file manger folder name “media”
    having some files
    can i remove that files

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