17 thoughts on “Magento Basics – Setting Up Google Analytics (Including eCommerce Tracking + Site Search)”

  1. The ecommerce option doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve enabled the right
    things, but GA shows that there hasn’t been a single ecommerce conversion
    since I switched on the ecommerce tracking option 8 months back. 

  2. @B2BInternetMarketing said it best: I too have been fearful of eCommerce as
    some sort of untameable beast, but you’ve made it look and sound like a
    teddy bear! Thanx for sharing your clearly vast knowledge with us! I for
    one am looking forward to many, many more! ^_

  3. Hi chunkk2, If you have used the backend config’ to enable Analytics and
    you have the correct profile ID then you should start receiving data in
    your Analytics. It may take a day before your data shows though! I hope
    this helps.

  4. Excellent video. I was wondering if Magento already includes the eCommerce
    tracking code and this video answered all my questions. Thank you!

  5. thanks – thought I was in for something very complicated to get the
    ecommerce tracking installed on this magento install (comparing to
    prostores…) Thanks for the video – that was about as simple as it could

  6. Hi! I have done this all long ago but eCommerce Tracking only displays 0
    numbers and I have no idea how to fix this. I also haven’t found anything
    anywhere to help me 🙁 Can you help me?

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