9 thoughts on “Creating an OpenCart module from existing”

  1. Hi Justin, thanks for the video. I have created a copy of the category
    module called ‘accordion’ but when I create a module within my new
    accordion module it deletes any modules set up within the original category
    module. If I re-setup the modules within the category module then it
    deletes any modules that I have set up in my accordion module.

  2. hello i am using opencart and would like to change the ebay mod to my
    website the website is similier , is it possible to change all the setting
    so it would ad the auctions from my website


  3. Good video, i’m not finished yet just working my way through. At 2:43, Line
    13 still has ‘category’ written in here to do with the edit. Is this
    supposed to be changed to manufacturer too, but you just missed it
    accidentally? Thanks.

  4. Not sure if you’re still having this issue, but here’s the resolution
    anyway! You need to set SEO keywords to disabled in admin, or set up the
    htaccess file to support /store/about_us style urls. Check out the article
    in the OpenCart doco for more info.

  5. Hi Justin, I am a student of webdesign and I have run into a problem that I
    am trying to fix. I might have moved some files trying to move my cart to
    another directory and my about_us nav is not showing up. I get this msg:
    “The requested URL /store/about_us was not found on this
    server.Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to
    use an ErrorDocument to handle the request”. Yet, I can go into opencart
    “information” and see that about is there. How can I fix this? Thanks!

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