18 thoughts on “Introduction To Opencart – A Beginners Guide”

  1. You need to remake this video for the latest version of presta shop. it
    doesn’t look anything at all like that anymore bro

  2. Thank you for your video Sam it was very helpful. How do I display multiple
    products of the same type in a particular order Eg. Dance > Product 1 Gold,
    Product 1 silver, Product 1 bronze, Product 2 Gold, Product 2 Silver,
    Product 2 Bronze – Gymnastics > Product 1 Gold, Product 1 Silver… I have
    been using Product > Data > Sort Order but it groups the products by colour
    first – all Gold, Silver, Bronze together then alphabetically by product
    name regardless of category. What am I not doing right? Thank you, Karen

  3. @Sam Partland , i’m almost certain that the Discount quantity has to do
    with the minimum amount required for the discount being set. Almost
    certain. Thanks for this great video!!

  4. Hello Sam,
    quick question, in our old software I would add
    keywords and the like so our
    internal SEARCH bar would find anything folks wanted even
    if they misspelled words :
    ie: in meta description I would put
    gramaphone gramophone record player players records
    antique antiques old vintage
    How can we do this without ” messing ” with google seo ?
    ideas ?

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