14 thoughts on “Opencart – How to change the logo and icon.”

  1. Logo wise I normally go for 120 x 300 – depends on the theme your using. If
    you get stuck do a print screen and crop out the original logo image to
    work out the dimensions.

  2. What happened after 5:11? At that point the video seems to just show a
    quiet blackness for the remaining 9 minutes. Is it just me? Besides that,
    very helpful.

  3. sorry about the abrupt ending on this tutorial guys, I must have rushed the
    edit and left loads of dead time in after 5.11 – I’ll try and get this

  4. Great video man! very well done. Just one problem i am running into.. When
    i go to replace my store logo, my image is too big. Im not using a template
    or anything, just normal opencart default. If i make it the size of the
    opencart image that was there before, it looks way to small. My image then
    goes over the navigation bar and you can not see some of the options. Is
    there a way to move the image up or move the navi bar down like 50 pixels?

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