4 thoughts on “OpenCart Tutorial Part 2 – StyleSheets”

  1. Thank you for this tutorial, but in part 1 you aren`t talking about
    MAIN.CSS , in part 2 we editing him. Can you explain about main.css , and
    how could i add to stylesheet.ss?

  2. Hi, are you adding classes to main.css? I don’t see the part where you link
    main.css to header.tpl sorry I’m a little confused. I’m adding the styles
    to main.css, also I linked the header.tpl to main.css, and I still kept the
    other link to stylesheet.css but when I add new styles to main.css nothing
    is changing. Please help!

  3. I appreciate the video. This has been very helpful. But you have to
    increase the volume, I maxed out the volume on my pc and youtube and it
    sounds like you are quiet and very far away. Hard to concentrate when you
    are straining to listen and hear.

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