4 thoughts on “How To Build a Free Online Store: osCommerce”

  1. ThePlantation, that is the whole point: to use as little html code editing
    as possible. Asking someone who wants to build their own online store (who
    has never done it before) to learn html is a big challenge… and a big
    turn-off. In my videos I explain things in a simple and straightforward way
    and that’s why it’s great for beginners.

  2. Do you always have to manually update the currencies by clicking on the
    ‘update exchange rate’ button or manually search on Google and update it

  3. Hi Chris. It depends on your current server configuration. When you click
    “update exchange rate”, if you get errors it’s typically because your host
    does not allow for url file access. Your host’s PHP/Apache configuration
    setting don’t allow url file access if you get errors. You could check with
    your host and ask them to change their settings. If not, you have to change
    the exchange rates manually.

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