13 thoughts on “Prestashop 101 Day 1 (1.6) – Introducing and installing Prestashop”

  1. yeah, how to reach 3.56? i think i heard you saying you are using a
    demostore? what is that? is there a simplier way of doing so without the
    tab that pop out on 3.56

  2. hi Nemo, I have installed prestashop 1.5 before and want to upgrade to 1.6,
    do you have a video to show how to upgrade? thanks a lot!

  3. I am stuck at 6:30. Could you please explain how to reach that folder.
    Maybe show format to input into a browser.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. how can we appear this 3:56
    can we start building the site befor we rent a server for our site?

  5. i keep getting stuck after i delete the install folder i get the 404 this
    page not avail… please help :(

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