25 thoughts on “How To Remove a Copyright Strike from your YouTube Account”

  1. My copyright strike was set to expire yesterday but it didn’t and I really
    want my custom thumbnails back. Any ideas?

  2. I contacted the guy who i accidentally used his gameplay and he agreed to
    retract it but he doesn’t know how, could someone help me how he can do

  3. FUCK COPYRIGHT!!! i spent 3 hours on a video and i made it clear that the
    music wasn’t mine and i said who owned the music and gave the link to buy

  4. hey I have a question you may have answered it already are copyright
    strikes the same as copyright disputes if not what are copyright disputes
    as of recently ive started uploading Nightcore videos instead of gaming
    videos as I don’t have a game capture card and I have been getting
    copyright disputes on my Nightcore videos which I have been making myself
    and for those of you who don’t know what nightcore is it is just a song
    which has had its speed changed and I have also received copyright disputes
    on my gaming videos because of the games soundtrack. so can I get copyright
    strikes from getting a lot of copyright disputes 

  5. Can someone explain? I dont understand…I got sue at a TV show I flimed
    using my phone, it says ‘I acknowledge’ and the list thingy when I loggdd
    on my computer, but when I log on my phone it says nothing.I deleted every
    videos on my channel,Must I wait 6 months ? I DONT UNDERSTAND…Help? If I
    have to pay I’ll be in rrally big troublr.

  6. so if I upload an anime to YouTube and put a disclaimer that I do not own
    anything in the video and all rights go to their respected owners will I
    still get copyright issues?

  7. Damn! I got 2 copyright strikes together I’ve to wait till June 25 2015.
    Ouch!. Is there another easier way? I think its kinda punishment to wait
    for an year :(.

  8. Youtube are a bunch of unreasonable, pretentious douchebags. Six months is
    too damn long and even when you dispute a claim, they never bother replying
    to you to give you any info. Their customer service is fucking ridiculous.

  9. How do they stop you from creating a new youtube account if you get 3
    copyright strikes? By not allowing the email to make a youtube account or
    banning the IP Address? 

  10. I just got my channel back after two weeks. I have 2 community guideline
    strikes, and no copyright strikes. I can do everything on my channel but I
    can’t upload videos. When will I be able to do that?

  11. if i used music and put i dont own anything and all ight go to their owners
    will i get a copyright strike?! O.O

  12. So, I had a strike, I went through The Youtube Copyright School about one
    month ago.
    So it gets removed in 6 months right, If i dont get any more?

  13. Shakin’ Stevens fucked me up last year, I used the ‘Merry Christmas
    Everybody’ instrumental, tweaked it slightly, and made a rap to it for
    Christmas. I got an ID Claim, and I clicked ‘Acknowledge’, anyway, this new
    content stuff came out a few months after, and BOOM!!! HEC Limited smashed
    down the video, I got in touch with them, and they said the reason was “you
    had the copyright owner’s name in the description.”

    Yeah, I was trying to credit him, idiots.

  14. Hey! My comment replies are being ghosted, does it have anything to do with
    that? Cos I think I did advertise my channel in the comments ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    but I don’t do that now.. That’s pretty sad.

  15. A year or two ago, I uploaded a video that I created with 100% original
    content: the voiceover and art was all mine, and I didn’t add any music. So
    naturally I thought it was ok to monetize something that I created from
    scratch. Nope. Youtube blocked it anyway (no copyright strike thank
    goodness) and sent me an email asking me to prove that everything in the
    video was mine. The link they provided sent me to page that asked me to
    upload copyright information on paper! o.0 It didn’t explain how to get my
    own copyright information, so I just left it all alone and took down the
    video. Again, this was over a year ago, so maybe this sort of thing has
    changed. Either way, I am still wary about uploading my own art and such.
    Tim, do you know how to prove to Youtube when a video is created with your
    own 100% original content?

  16. Youtube is a joke and that’s why some of the troll’s are using it to their
    advantage. Like what happened to me!! They stoled my vids and claimed that
    they had owner ship an violated me enough that the account, plus has been
    terminated. YT doesn’t give you the chance to tell them what they did!!
    I’ve had 4 yrs of vids gone, this just happened!! Live Leak and other media
    sites do not play this with troll’s as YT does!! I have proof of it and do
    you know of a number to call to try to show them? Thanks

  17. I got false copyright strike today, there is a button should i click on “i
    acknowledge” ?, How can i contact that person who claimed copyright
    infringement? Please help , i am going to file counter notification , but i
    am locked on that screen. What if i click on “I acknowledge” button ? does
    this mean i accept that i uploaded copyrighted content ? Please help…..

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