25 thoughts on “Grilled Corn, Tomato & Avocado Summer Salad”

  1. Yum, love finding new salad recipes :). We go through a ton of limes – A
    couple of tips for you – if you cut the lime the other way, so you can see
    the wheel of sections, squeeze the lime with one hand while using a fork
    with the other hand. Turn the fork in the lime, you end up with a ton more
    lime juice. Corn tip – put a small cup upside down inside a med size bowl.
    Stand the corn on top of the cup, when you shave off the kernels they fall
    into the bowl rather than all over the cutting board. This recipe looks

  2. I love white corn varieties. I wish you’d have taken advantage of the light
    smokey goodness that the husk would have brought to the dish instead of
    cooking it without the husk on. Try peeling the husk back and removing the
    corn hair. Pull the husk back on. Then soak the corn for about 30 minutes
    in water. Then simply place the corn on your oven racks (or grill). The
    water on the husk will steam the corn first. Then as the husk dries out,
    you’ll get a subtle smokey flavor. Cook until the husk starts turning dark
    brown and the corn is tender. Remove the husk, add butter, and enjoy. I
    prefer this method over boiled corn or cooking the corn directly as you you
    did did. The salad looks fantastic though :)

  3. omg i have been looking for something like this for awhile. My 6 year old
    just got into eating avocados so I will definitely be making this. Thanks
    for the great recipe +Cooking With Jack Show 

  4. Jack! I love your veg recipes! Hope everyone works out with the moving
    company, and loving your new huge kitchen! Rock on 

  5. Tip! with the baby tomatoes, if you have two lids to containers, you can
    put the tomatoes in one lid, place the other on top of the tomatoes and you
    can cut like 10 at a time! :)

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