2 thoughts on “Let’s Play – Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Ripple Star – Finale)”

  1. Rolando has done it.
    He has now achieved his ultimate form…who can save us?

    Thanks everyone for watching this short LP. It was fun with the tri-comm
    with Kelly making it more of a unique playthrough.
    Tyler didn’t die though.
    If you guys would like to see Rolando take on the Real final boss, I’ll
    force him to fight it after I get the crystals. But this ending is canon
    for our story.

    One last Rolando Lore..
    Rolando’s hunger will never be satisfied…not even after he devours
    you..yeah…YOU..the one who is reading this…Rolando has a supremacy over
    all organisms…beware of dark alleyways…

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