25 thoughts on “Like…BOOM!”

  1. April & Justin you must contact a baby modeling agency… gosh Liam is uber
    cute and his laughter OMG beyond words !!!!! and you looked super Gorgeous
    in pink and your necklaces are always awesome !!!! love you guys !!

  2. Oh my gosh you guys, I LOVE watching Liam in your vlogs everyday! He is so
    sweet and funny! He’s one of the happiest babies! :-)

  3. Liam is really looking cute to be honest in my opinion he was a little
    silly looking when he was first born lol 

  4. Hi guys, new viewer here. Is April vietnamese? Liam is such a cute baby.
    That smile along with that dimple<3

  5. Hi April!!!! If you don’t mind can you please tell me how you make Liam’s
    baby food? It would be fantastic if you can make a video of it or it would
    also be super fantastic if you email me the recipe and directions please!?
    Btw I love you guys! Been watching both your channels for the longest!!!!
    Here’s my email: bariyang at uwm dot edu. 

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