3 thoughts on “QUICK TIP: Tomato Paste Jars”

  1. Great idea! I do that with spaghetti sauce or my can sauce, but never
    thought to take it that far to transfer them and end up with such a thick
    sauce and store it. Try sally beauty supply for the pumps. You’ll have to
    take the bottle with you to make sure it fits on and I’m sure if it fits
    you’ll have to cut the straw to fit. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. That’s a great tip for saving tomato paste, ty for sharing. I like your
    idea for reusing your vinegar bottle, On Google I typed ‘how to convert
    glass vinegar bottle to a spray bottle’, and up popped several good
    suggestions on various sized bottles, that I’d like to make. Good Idea,
    thanks for passing it on! Mrs. Tc 

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