5 thoughts on “Secret Behind Philly’s Best Tomato Pie”

  1. Can I get 2 extra large pies fedexed to me in sw fla? A friend in Columbus
    NJ sent me some tomato pies from a place there, I won’t mention names and
    it was awesome. I wonder how yours are? They certainly look good. They
    would fast freeze them in Columbus so I just popped them in the oven.
    Another time they baked them very very lightly so I just finished them in
    the oven and that also came out good. Whattaya say for a jersey refugee
    stranded on the west coast of fla where pizza doesn’t exist?

  2. I’m from willow grove but am going to college in indiana, so I miss tomato
    pie all year! I’ll be attempting to make it soon so thanks for the tips,
    will have to try it from toni roni’s when I get back.

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