25 thoughts on “Splat Ball Fresh Tomato by Ja-Ru – Toss It and Watch It Splat!”

  1. YOU KILLED THE TOMATO!!!! NUUUUUUUU!!!!! and am over it XD lol
    well any ways you do a great job at this and you look like you have a lot
    pof fun so keep upo the great work!

  2. Hey Dave I completely love those things but I have never had one but I have
    seen one at a store and played with it

  3. I borrowed one from my friend and brought it home. I played with it for a
    while and it burst, so I had to buy another one for my friend

    PAJAMAS I’LL NEVER KNOW. Said the government has been a long day of the my
    phone is really fun good way of life and is now a the same thing as the
    first half of of the year and of the course the day I before the end game
    of thrones the first half of my life is so much better than the first time
    I see the 

  5. Wow THAT could be a great stress reliever for me cos when im angry i throw
    things all over so i can just throw that

  6. My sister had also a pig but hears died so soon next time if intry to save
    it don’t put nail polish because it will make it rip more !! 

  7. I used to have loads of these but they were pigs and i left them in the sun
    so the inside liquid thing evaporated because i was in a very hot country
    in summer 

  8. I had one but I think I lost it but I brought mine from a store in Shanghai
    while I was on vacation there and it would always pass time for me when I
    was on the tour bus!!!

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