25 thoughts on “Drupal 7 / Ubercart Tutorial 1 of 10: Creating an E-Commerce Site”

  1. Hey there,
    Im having trouble with my ubercart, i recently got a developer to develop a
    theme for my website, after he did this it mucked up my whole ecommerce
    system. I was wondering if there was a way to reset ubercart to default or
    if i will have to reinstall the whole system again.

    If anyone has a answer please let me know

  2. Nice video couple questions. We are looking for the functionality to upload
    a product catalog from a .csv flat file and then design the views in a
    specific way. We don’t need the e-commerce section but may at a later time.
    We have created and purchased a seperate theme and installed in on our
    site. Will ubercart allow for the .csv files with associated image url’s in
    bulk and then allow us to manipulate the display to our liking or will we
    need to also install a display suite type module?


  3. Hi Pete, Many thanks for your tutorials they have been a great help. I was
    wondering if you know if their is a way to use product attributes to
    redirect to other products. For example if you had a colour attribute and
    were to change that option on the product you would be redirected to a
    different product with that colour.

  4. Thanks Mark! Really appreciate the purchase – definitely goes towards
    supporting the development of additional tutorials by freeing up some of my
    time from development work! It would be great to hear how your site is
    doing once you get through the series – be sure to email me with an update.

  5. Thanks for the comment. I’m sorry it was a “pain” to watch the free videos
    each of which has a description of the topic being covered…

  6. Hi Dipak, I’ve never done it but I think Ubercart Marketplace module (or
    something like that) is what you are looking for.

  7. You’ve been so helpful! The instruction is really good. I found Filezilla
    is a good FREE option for FTP software. Thank you!

  8. Hey! Thanks for the video. It’s really detailed. I think what Starius2
    means is that he didn’t read the “about” section of your video description.

  9. If you could have titled each of these tutorials AND including the 1/10, i
    could have avoided the pain of watching EVERY video. I already have Drupal
    setup and installed, the ubercart (and required dependencies) installed…

  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for your tutorial. It’s great. I just want to ask you. I
    know you did a fresh install of drupal directly in your webhost server.
    What if you developed the site locally and want to put it live to your
    webhost server, how do you go abouts from transferring everything i.e. the
    locally made site and the database? Thanks.

  11. Hello! Can you help me? When i check many modules => Fatal error: Maximum
    execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
    D:xampphtdocsubincludesfile.inc on line 2038

  12. hello.. I have just started learning drupal 7 .. so can you tell me, is it
    possible to design a multi seller website using ubercart.. I want to build
    a site where user can sell their products using there account..

  13. Интересно, а ты используешь Google translator для того, что бы перевести
    мое сообщение?

  14. Ubercart is incredibly easy to get started using. Drupal Commerce tends to
    have more of a learning curve. So if you don’t have much experience as a
    developer, Ubercart is definitely the way to go.

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