23 thoughts on “Drupal 7 / Ubercart Tutorial 3 of 10: Creating an E-Commerce Site”

  1. Hey yaworsk1, I’m going back through your tutorial for another site I’m
    working on. I couldn’t see any other way to ask you about this. I’ve
    written content with Libre Writer, and I’m trying to copy it to a Drupal
    page, but I can’t seem to get it to come out right. I’ve got CKEditor,
    tried full HTML, Filtered, and Plain Text. But no matter what I do, it
    looks like I’m still going to have to manually go in and change the colors
    and fonts to look how I originally designed it. Am I missing something

  2. please tell me how to find a link “flush all cashes”. I have the same
    version of drupal 7.19 and i cant find that demn link mathafucka! Please
    help me homie

  3. Hi Janssen, it’s covered in tutorial #4. However, the instructions are at
    drupal DOT org/project/colorbox under Installation for Drupal 7 (2.x)

  4. good shit bro, this could, no. this WILL really help me out with
    monetization of my skills. if you need anything regarding graphic design or
    3d animation, give me a yell. ill deff hook you up for free since youre
    doing this series for free

  5. I losing will to live with drupal, i hope the ecommerce 2nd one with the
    core is better and easier, i using drupal 7 to test everything and see what
    it does, at the minute with near 5 months spent watching vids, reading, i
    have a front page zen theme with logo uploaded. AND THATS IT! And why use
    ubercart, ?? i thought it died??

  6. Hi Yaworsk1, thanks for your reply.. stick with drupal, lol losing it bud..
    i not a programmer/writer/dev…. // i thought that maybe using drupal
    commerce would be a great way to get set up with a shop on line, i don’t
    blame Drupal or any of the guys working on this, i can see the hours thats
    went into it. However i just not savy enough i think, and its important to
    stick to what you know. lol i have found a great ecomm- platform all set up
    and it works like 1 -2 –3 .. however i would….

  7. I appreciate where you are coming from – I’m not a developer/programmer
    either and there have been A LOT of times I’ve pulled my hair out (today in
    fact, I just inadvertently spammed the drupal planet feed..). It definitely
    makes sense to go where it’s easiest so if another platform is working,
    probably best to stick with that. That said, I think it’s a good idea to
    keep playing with drupal. as an aside, the drupal commerce module is
    awesome but, I think, is more challenging to get started with.

  8. Ubercart is alive and well, as identified in the more than 20 video
    tutorials I’ve created now on it… I agree Drupal can be tough to learn
    and that’s why the Ubercart Team and I wanted to create these twenty videos
    (2 different series) for beginners learning Drupal and Ubercart. Stick with
    it – it definitely gets easier, I went through the same struggles!

  9. But thanks for doing the video,s.. one big problem i have, and i seen
    someone else ask, how did you upload the pictures. When you where making a
    slideshow you pictures where already there and drupal new they where there.
    Like you picked a button and picked “DOG PICTURES” like where that come

  10. check out the Drupal 7 / Ubercart Tutorial 7 of 10: Creating an E-Commerce
    Site video tutorial – I walk you through creating products which includes
    uploading the product image (standard ubercart products have an image field
    attached to them, you upload the picture for each product when you are
    creating that content). In the slideshow series, I had a content type which
    included a field for images. I didn’t show uploading the images because I
    thought it would be boring and repetitive…

  11. Tutorials are on the way! 🙂 Sorry for the delay, just been a little busy.
    Karl – I appreciate the suggestion. Unfortunately I’ve been focusing my
    time on this ubercart tutorial series. If you’re still stuck, have you
    tried drupal.org forum — a lot of helpful hints there and if you can’t
    find anything, I’d encourage you to post a new forum topic with your
    specific questions. Hope that helps.

  12. Great tutorials. Ive searched on the web every where to find a clear
    concise tutorial regarding inline floating image. Theres not much out there
    and what there is is very confusing. I was wondering if you could do a
    quick tutorial using ckeditor and IMCE. IT SEEMS LIKE IT NEEDS SOME EXTRA
    SCRIPTING IN PLACES. Its beyond me. Thanks Karl

  13. Okay to clarify as it was not clear enough in the video (IMHO). Modules
    must be copied to: YourSiteNamesitesallmodules Themes to:

  14. BOOKMARKS 1:40 search for modules 4:30 basics of versions of modules – why
    there are so many 6:21 Modules Needed List 8:00 Shows were to install
    modules manuallly in sites/all/modules 10:20 ENABALING MODULES 18:03 Save
    Configuration 18:30 Usually its not a good idea to install modules all at
    once and back-up first 19:20 Modules use memory and will slow down you
    site. Use as few as possible and wisely 20:03 Check Log files from top menu
    .. Reports -> Recent Log Files

  15. like to carry on with Drupal and hope that one day i can move my online
    business within the CMS, just at this moment and time i losing time money
    sitting trying to work out how Drupal is all put together, and even when i
    do work it out, chances of an update coming out and breaking the site, or i
    need another plug to do another thing and have to sit again when i could be
    just selling making money.m However i will keep drupal on my server and
    play around with it.

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