25 thoughts on “Drupal 7 / Ubercart Tutorial 5 of 10: Creating an E-Commerce Site”

  1. i have the same q’s… latest version has different options on the left
    side for product configuration… no file downloads or role assignments
    found role permissions under people tab, but not the ubercart specifics
    like you covered here around the 22 mark.

  2. Thanks for response 🙂 Modules I’ve enabled are… UbertCart Core:[Cart,
    Order, Products, Store], OPTIONAL:[Catalog, File downloads, Payment,
    Product attributes, Reports, Roles, Shipping, Shipping quotes, Tax report,
    Taxes], EXTRA:[Cart Links, Google Analytics for Ubercart, Product kit,
    Stock, Ubercart Ajax Administration]. FULFILLMENT: [Flat rate],

  3. Excellent videos, best Drupal vids Ive seen. Please release video 6 as soon
    as you can mate…if you have it ready to go could you put it up this week?
    I actually have to configure a payment system with ubercart for a client
    this week, my first time doing it, and your video will probably knock days
    off the time it would take me to learn from the docs. Id actually planned
    to subcontract out this work but I think I might be able to do it myself
    going by the top notch quality of your vids so far.

  4. Great videos. Have issue… at 16:20, ‘Orders’: left side options are
    missing, just have “On-site invoice template” and 1 dropdown option 4
    customer or admin. Using Drupal 7.23 & all latest modules as per
    instructions as of today.

  5. not an easy answer to provide as it really depends on the setup of your
    site… how you configured colorbox to begin with (i.e., content type ->
    display), whether you are using views, etc.

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