25 thoughts on “Drupal 7 / Ubercart Tutorial 6 of 10: Creating an E-Commerce Site”

  1. Hi Peter, I have a quick question?

    Once I have the image change to uc_product then disappears the image. How
    can I fix this?

    Gr Danny from the netherlands

  2. Can you provide an example of a rule to process the sale of a file
    download/digital goods from pending to completed, without hanging at
    pending until you manually change the order status? Thanks!

  3. At 11:40 ish when I went to configure the display of these fields, I did
    not see List Price , Cost Prices, Sell Price etc. I only have Description,
    Image and Catalogue. I have a test product and the fields with list price,
    cost price and sell price will show. (But I want to hide cost price). Why
    can not I see these fields in the manage display?

  4. Hi
    I’m currently setting up an new website with the help of your videos.
    Now I have two strange problems
    The first one is the fact if i want to add a condition, i got a error from
    my browser
    The second error is when i want to select that my billing address is the
    same as my shipping address, than I have an error as well.
    Do you have any idea what this might be?

  5. These are amazing videos! This is honestly the most jam packed series I’ve
    ever seen. Thanks for sharing your expertise

  6. Hi Im currently setting up a new website for our business however we use a
    compnay called interlink for all our shippings and not UPS is their a way
    to apply their shipping rates to our orders?

  7. I suspect this might be a folder permission issue. Check the log for your
    site (it’s under reports if you are using the admin bar i recommend in the
    series). Since the images are actually cached and created on the fly, if
    folder permissions aren’t correct, the image can’t be created and you won’t
    get anything… also, and this may be a dumb thing to point out, but
    sometimes it takes 10 to 20 seconds to see the image while the file is
    being created… i think it happens to me in the video too…

  8. sorry for the delay – the steps depend on the module for shipping. ubercart
    ships with a module for ups, usps, flat rate, weight, etc. You’d need a
    module for UK shipping – i’m sure there must be one, you’d have to check
    drupal.org for it though… if you find one, please let us know back here
    in case anyone has a similar question.

  9. Hi James, no problem – it’s actually the Database logging module that comes
    with Drupal core…. it looks like you are using a mamp server, do you have
    your site online at all?

  10. I think I’ve verified my email… I upgraded my Paypal account to a
    business account and I didn’t get any messages saying I needed to verify

  11. hey dario – yup and you’re right, you’d be looking at a custom module to
    integrate that. the paypal integration, etc. are all actually modules that
    ship with ubercart so you’d be doing similar stuff.

  12. Hi pete. Great tutorials!! Fantastic job. I am facing an issue below
    mentioned when I try to “check out with paypal” :- Notice: Undefined
    offset: 1 in _uc_paypal_nvp_to_array()[uc_paypal.module] Notice: Undefined
    index: ACK in uc_paypal_ec_form_submit() uc_paypal.module Notice: Undefined
    index: L_ERRORCODE0 in uc_paypal_ec_form_submit()uc_paypal.module Notice:
    Undefined index: L_LONGMESSAGE0 in
    uc_paypal_ec_form_submit()uc_paypal.module PayPal reported an error: could
    you please suggest?

  13. Hey Pete, Im watching your tutorials they are amazin. I have one question,
    Can I configure ubercart in order to work with a custom payment gateway? Im
    in Venezuela and we cant use paypal here but there are some banks and
    organizations that allow to pay online, just want to know if i would be
    abble to connect them using ubercart using a custom module or something.

  14. hard to say, depends on your site setup – is there an x or anything
    indicating the image is missing. depending on your browser, you can usually
    right click on that and inspect the image (at least w/google chrome). that
    should tell you where the image is coming from and the folder you need to
    check. if everything is default, it’s likely related to the
    site/default/files folder or the imagecache folder within it. also, check
    your site log, there should be a watchdog error message with details.

  15. tutorials are great pete only had one problem so far at the 11 minute mark
    you change the image style to uc_product but when i do this the image
    disappears have you any idea why this is and how to fix it?? thanks from ray

  16. goto your php.ini settings file and uncomment the module
    “extension=php_curl.dll”. and restart your php/web server and it should

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