One thought on “Gameboy Uber cart”

  1. Incredible stuff. I am a huge fan! I came across your website about half a
    year ago and was inspired! Keep up the awesome projects.

    I noticed that the initial game-boy boot-up time takes awhile. I understand
    that this is because the FPGA needs to be loaded and configured from an SD
    card, however I am surprised that this appears to takes much longer than
    actually loading up the ROM, once selected, and dumping it to RAM. What
    speed are you running the SPI interface to the SD card at? Did you managed
    to get 48Mhz?

    Also, assuming that your menu system is a custom ROM you wrote yourself.
    How are you populating the list of game? Is this a hard coded list stored
    in the micro-controller’s memory or are you generating the list based on
    the current contents of the SD card?

    And finally, how do you grab events such as the user pressing the enter
    button on the game-boy? Do you send a unique address request from the
    game-boy to the FPGA when such an event occurs? For example, by writing to
    some unused memory address on the game-boy that is not usually written to?
    Or is there a better way of doing this?

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