18 thoughts on “How to Create Event Registrations with Drupal 7 and Ubercart – Advanced Ubercart Sites #8”

  1. Pete, thank you for making these tutorials 🙂 I’m having a little problem.
    Everything has worked fine, until i actually Register for my event. it
    saves it and it shows that’s its completed. but i can still “register for
    your event under navigation” and when i click on Pay-per-node it shows i
    still have one available and have created 0. Although the registration
    shows when i look for content. any thoughts? i went through permissions
    pretty thoroughly. there seems to be a disconnect.I’ve tried it both as an
    admin and authenticated user. thank you!

  2. This guy goes blazing fast, but he’s a very helpful encyclopedia about this
    stuff. He’s helped me countless times.

  3. First of all, thanks for making these videos. They have been to great help.
    I do have a problem with making an event-registration. The events are
    without payment, so I don’t use Ubercart. I set up event and register
    content type, and use node_reference, and the registration is working. My
    problem is, that the “register” link is still visible for users who has
    allready signed up. Any pointers on how to remove the register option, on
    event where the user has allready signed up?

  4. Fantastic Pete. Thanks for doing this – makes my life as a recent “Web
    Design graduate, but still a newbie” life so much easier.

  5. Hi Amir, yeah, that’s pretty clear. However, it’s pretty specific and I’m
    not sure I would be able to do a series about that. What I would suggest
    is, create the tracks as products, use a product kit to sell all of them as
    an album. I think you’d have to use a separate product to do the shippable
    part. You can use the references module to link the products together (i

  6. Ha! Yeah, learning Drupal is like a snowballing effect. Great to hear the
    tutorials have worked out for you, thanks for the positive feedback.

  7. thank you again. going through the views tutorials atm. the end of lesson5
    had me lost but going to tackle6. loving your work. have questions but
    still going to plough through and learn as much as i can without pestering.
    thank you again!

  8. Sorry for the late reply. Here is what I’m trying to have. I have some
    music albums and I want a user to be able to have the three options 1)
    download entire albums or 2) choose some songs from album and download
    these or 3) Ship a copy of the CD Is that clearer?

  9. I’m not building a website exactly for the event reg purpose but either way
    this tutorial has been incredible so far. definitely subscribing. great
    tutoring, clear and good explanations and at pace I can follow. 10/10!
    thank you so much. i do have some questions but gonna watch the next one
    first. thanks again!

  10. Actually this is the way I thought about it too. But I also thought what if
    I need to create a bundle of albums together (a kit of kits) will that
    work? Another idea was to use a custom field like the “catalog” to specify
    if this “product” is a track or an album then with views I specify which is
    needed. Then (some how if available) create a view of views where each
    album has the list of its individual tracks as links to add to cart
    separately.. What do you think? PS, you’re a GREAT help!

  11. Glad to hear the tutorials have helped! I think you may need a custom
    module. You could just theme the page to remove the link (i.e., in a tpl
    file) however, savvy users could still register again if they had a burning
    desire to (i.e., malicious purposes). the node limit module provides some
    functionality but it would limit users from creating another registration
    node in general. In other words, users could only register for one event
    ever — I think. Hope that helps.

  12. Thanks for the great tutorial! Wouldn’t it be easier just to use “Ubercart
    Webform Integration” module? I need to do a similar thing and just
    wondering if Ubercart Webform isn’t easier to set up… Thank you.

  13. Hey Pete! You know i was looking for a way to handle event registration on
    Drupal just as this series was coming out. Thought your viewers might also
    want to check out the Webform Integration Module at
    drupal.org/project/uc_webform. Stable Drupal 7 version dropped a few weeks
    after this was made; it’s not perfect, but it does allow you to set up one
    form to register for multiple events (which are then added to the shopping
    cart). Thanks again for the tutorials and keep ’em comin’!

  14. interesting, i’ve never tried a kit of kits… i’d say test it out and let
    us know what you find. also thought you might be able to make a product (3
    albums) and use rules to provide access to specific files the user is
    actually purchasing. with regards to taxonomies, yeah, you could definitely
    tag tracks as part of an album, you’d just need a way to allow the user to
    add all the tracks to their cart at once if they wanted to… not sure how
    you woudl go about that off the top of my head.

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