25 thoughts on “How to Create Products in Drupal 7 with the Feeds and UC Feeds Module – Advanced Ubercart Sites #2”

  1. hey I find it very usefull this tutorial/understanding video but there is
    one thing that I want to know

    When you are using the import thingie is it also possible to change the
    adjustments, you have changed the attributes but is it possible to add also
    a custom SKU for the right thing

  2. Thanks for this helpful turtorial! As i understood and also experienced
    through the setup process, it is not possible to import the product
    dimension properties. Do you know by chance if there’s an alternative
    solution or maybe an ongoing feature extension to this UC Feeds module ?
    As i understood from this (old) drupal.org thread, there might have been an
    opening in the Ubercart attributes API some organisations are or were
    working on : https://www.drupal.org/node/964878

  3. Images are uploaded successfully but when viewing my product the image just
    appears with the broken image icon. Any idea why this may be?

  4. Thanks very much for the tutorial. This all was about import. Any ideas for
    doing an export. I have a non functional d6 site with products. I have got
    a new design for a new D7 site. I want to transfer the products. Is
    Views_Data_export is a good way to export from D6. Thanks.

  5. Thanks but I get
    SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: ‘product’ for
    column ‘id’ at row 1″

  6. Hi yaworsk1 I have managed to successfully import products thanks to your
    Video. However I was wondering if there is a way for products assigned to
    subcategory’s in the catalog to automatically be assigned to the main
    category related to the subcategory. As I am importing products and
    assigning them to subs

  7. For those who are having trouble with this, take note that you will not be
    able to import product attribute data for products that have already added
    those attributes as part of a product class. Remove the attributes that you
    want to import from the class and then you will be able to successfully
    import the data. Otherwise you will trip up on a primary key constraint.

  8. Can this style of import be used for XML files and if so is it possible to
    upload from a FTP rather than locally? 

  9. Hey great vid. This is just what I was looking for. Just installed all the
    modules. I love how you can add attributes but do you know if you are able
    to add things like “UCA alternate sku: color: black” or “UCA stock: color:
    black” rather than just the price, cost and weight for each attribute? i
    guess this could be really tricky if products were to have more than one
    attribute. Thanks so much!!

  10. ANSWER: 1) Install Feeds Tamper Module. Click Structure > Feed Importers.
    Click Operation > Tamper. Click YourField > Add Plugin. Select Explode. In
    CSV just create a comma separated list. 2) Install Feeds Entity Reference
    Module. In your feeds mapping, on the entity reference field, select target
    that starts with “Value of field: your_field”

  11. Hello, thank you for this tutoriel . I imported products with feeds &
    uc_feeds but I could not import the product with electronic records PDF
    “uc_file.” Is there a solution for that ?

  12. Thanks for sharing that — not sure what the error was all about. did it
    give you a module and code line number to check out? seems like the code is
    using a variable it didn’t define…

  13. Pete thanks that was really good tutorial. there is only 1 question stuck
    in my mind how can we load more then 1 image for a product. thanks for
    tutorial and help. and if you have time can you make a tutorial about xml
    data feeds most of companies uses them.

  14. Great video! I gave a thumb up. Question: can you set up products in
    Ubercart that have parent-child relationship, eg a shirt with different
    color all show up under one URL. And can you use the feed to upload such
    products? Thanks

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