7 thoughts on “Improving Drupal 7 Ubercart Event Registrations – Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #9”

  1. Awesome VID, great explanation, i have followed every single step as you
    did yours, i am still having problem of users still been able to view all
    events instead of only purchased events, is there something i have done
    wrong? Please help

  2. Not sure how to reply with Google’s “lovely” new comment system, but @
    Philip Thomas, yes I was wondering the same thing. Entity Registration
    seems like a very simple way to implement this because you can create
    different registration “types” (perfect for my case) and then tie them in
    on a node-by-node basis. The problem is the Pay Per Node only works on
    nodes, and I haven’t figured out how to sell registrations using that
    module.@yaworsk1 do you know if there is a way to use Entity Registration
    with Ubercart?

  3. thank you so much for your tutorials. You have a wonderful way of making
    things very clear in your explanations…clear and thorough. Thank you. One
    question: What is your opinion of Entity Registration as a way for creating
    events. Was this module developed after your tutorial here?

  4. Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you like the videos. The major
    difference between the versions on youtube and series for sale on my
    website is taht I have re-recorded the intros and conclusions to each
    chapter to help solidify the concepts. Additionally, when you purchase the
    series, you get an HD version and Ipod version, not to mention you are
    supporting the development of additional / more frequent tutorials. Thanks

  5. Hi Philip, I actually haven’t used entity registration but from what i’ve
    read, it is an awesome module. I believe that the drupal camps / conference
    websites have begun using it with drupal commerce to handle registrations.
    i didnt’ include it because at the time of recording, and I believe it is
    still the case, there is no integration between entity registration and
    ubercart – only drupal commerce. I thought about trying to develop that
    integration but have had competing priorities…

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