8 thoughts on “Setting Up Drupal 7 / Ubercart Affiliate Sales – Ubercart Series #2 Tutorial #10”

  1. Thank you for the video series. When I sign in with my test user, and click
    on “My account”, I can’t get past this error…” Fatal error: Call to a
    member function access() on a non-object in.” I have been searching for
    weeks. Please help!

  2. I sell services, not products. Your tutorials have helped me go from
    literal ground zero to having an eCommerce site. However, I still need my
    clients to be able to choose a date and time (for example, if they are
    booking a cleaning service) and I need them to be able to choose this from
    a calendar I control (so I can block out booked times, etc.). I have found
    tons of booking modules for hotels, etc., but none that meet my need
    specifically. Any suggestions?

  3. no problem. ah. got it. thanks for your reply and for all the great
    tutorials you have and will make to help others to use Drupal. God bless

  4. Thanks, really appreciate it! Started the series not know where it was
    headed exactly but I think it worked out well. Glad to hear it helped you

  5. Hi Leolando, sorry for my late reply. i think i mention in the video that I
    have a field for paypal address so that affiliates can be paid. it would be
    manual but that is a way. unfortunately i haven’t implemented affiliate
    sales on my sites so i can’t be of more help…

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