TemplateMonster's CEO Replies to Comments of Customers

David Braun, CEO & co-founder TemplateMonster is ready to reply to all your questions and comments about our products and service. You can leave them here: https://ceo.templatemonster.com/
Some answers are ready, check them right now:
0:22 Phoebe, United States: “My business was highly profitable until the day when I decided to go to Templatemonster.com. Awful, everything is disgusting there. Their products will damage your karma.” https://youtu.be/yKsG6Skryrs?t=22s
1:10 Nigel, South Africa “Detailed documentation? Hell no! It took me 3 days to understand what is actually going on. And I have something to say about 24/7 support, they are complete lazybones and wannabes. TemplateMonster is full of freaking bastards, who only care about your money.” https://youtu.be/yKsG6Skryrs?t=1m10s
2:12 Arthur, Poland “Coded by geeks for humans” yeah, sure. Then I am a wrong kind of a human. Because this shit takes forever to customize, so it would properly work. Even after that. It only works on dinosaur software. But you know what, it is Microsoft Explorer compatible. If you want to create a site, which no one will ever visit, they have plenty of solutions for you.” https://youtu.be/yKsG6Skryrs?t=2m12s
3:24 Sandie Elaine, Brazil “They say that Power builder works like Lego, only if it is a type of Lego that is scattered around the house, always hurting the pinkie toes. And, of course, some parts are constantly missing.” https://youtu.be/yKsG6Skryrs?t=3m24s
4:13 Nicole, United States “TM ads are made by true marketing pros, sounding like: buy this theme and you will reach successful success. I think someone said: “Let me show ya some proper marketing bros”, and here is what we have in the result. By the way, the actual name of the company, sounds familiar? No copy pasting included.” https://youtu.be/yKsG6Skryrs?t=4m13s
5:10 Mike, Germany “My company is called Newton and we produce electronic devices. “Newton. Think out of the box”. This is what it looks like, completely original and innovative. Just kidding. Ideation is on point in this Goddamn company.” https://youtu.be/yKsG6Skryrs?t=5m10s
5:57 Eltamin “They are basically a scam artist company that wants individuals to put themselves at risk of identity theft by providing a copy of their drivers license or passport to them. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY OR RISK PUTTING YOUR IDENTITY AT RISK!” https://youtu.be/yKsG6Skryrs?t=5m57s
7:19 Pete “As a person with a tight schedule I don’t want to talk to customer support and wait for replies for days on end. I purchased a theme so that I can have an active website within a few hours worst case scenario a few days. If I had weeks I would have written the theme myself!” https://youtu.be/yKsG6Skryrs?t=7m19s

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