16 thoughts on “How to Add Product Attributes in Zen Cart”

  1. Hello
    A brilliant description on how to do it
    10 out of 10 for simplicity,
    I struggled with how to do this for days.
    Thank you vey much for taking the time to put this here for everyone to use

  2. Very clear and concise – Just what I needed after getting very confused
    trying to understand written instructions. Thanks 🙂

  3. @vqu7nk Log into your admin ,look for catolge, then catergories products
    ,theN type in what you sell in the catergories example t shirt mens ,then
    type in a description about the t shirt in the big box ,and when your happy
    with it at the bottom of the page your on its says SAVE PRESS ,SAVE and
    thats it you should have a t shirt for sale on your web site ,i hope this
    helps you adultpleasureworld.co.uk

  4. great video .. is there a tut for setting up attributes .. like for
    postcards in a pack of 20 yet make them all different photos????

  5. Thank you. The first video I’ve run across that made this easy to
    understand. Simple and easy to do and I did it for my shop right along with
    you. Thanks again!

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