12 thoughts on “Installing Easy Populate For Zencart 1.5 Zen Cart”

  1. to install easy populate all you need to do is install the program to your

    1.) the temp file to your root directory
    2.) the easy populate program to the shopping carts admin directory

  2. Len, seems a couple details are missing. I did watch your installing Easy
    Populate vieo, that one was very well done. I have learned a good lesson. I
    downloaded the site for editing and after I uploaded I decided to rename
    site Zencart_original. Now when I have trouble I just change folder name to
    original and Im good to go.

  3. Hi, I notice in your installation is not clear. First of all in your
    download of easy populate v1.5 you show in your video the files: admin,
    included, tempEP 3 different folders and in the actual download there are
    only two folders. Also in your video after you installed EP I notice you
    went to chrome then you went back to firefox where EP was already
    installed. So my question is did you actually did a real installation or
    was it already installed ?.

  4. The problem I saw is that the includes folder doesn’t have write access by
    default, as soon as I added write to own, I could upload the full program
    and the link shows up. then turned off write access again.

  5. The download does contain all three. If not, you have downloaded the wrong
    version. Yes I use both Firefox and Chrome, often at the same time, on the
    same project. (Occasionally I work on multiple screens and more than one
    computer on the same project as well) Yes I did install this in this video.
    If you need help installing Easy Poplulate and do not feel comfortable
    doing that, I can install it on your active cart for $50.00 US. I also
    provide a full range of Zencart services.

  6. you mentioned if easy populate doesn’t show up in the menu that we can
    install the patch that comes with it. How do we do this, I prefer having
    this in the menu and thanks for making this video.

  7. Just find the SQL patch file in the distribution, and then open your carts
    sql patch page. Copy and paste it in there and go.

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