13 thoughts on “Zen Cart Standard Paypal Setup”

  1. Thank you. I should note though, that I had to save my paypal website
    payment preferences in order to get my code. As opposed to it showing up
    when ticking the yes option.

  2. Awesome video! Hey guys – if you’re watching this and you think he’s
    skipping something, just watch until the end, then go back and do it with
    him 🙂

  3. This has been very helpful but I am still unclear as to something PayPal
    says I need to insert into my cart. PP says for preconfigured shopping
    carts I am to copy & paste the AP! username, password and signature into my
    shopping cart. I can’t seem to find a place to put this information so
    maybe ZenCart isn’t considered “Preconfigured”. Does that mean that I only
    have to insert my PDT? Lastly…what is the Merchant account ID # for?
    (PayPal) Thanks!

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