16 thoughts on “Zen Cart Training 1 of 2”

  1. So, I’m trying to follow this video step by step.. I’ve registered a domain
    name through Register(.)com. I’ve installed Zen Cart and FileZilla. But,
    where do I get my username and password to enter into File Zilla?
    Apparently it’s not the username and password I’ve created for
    Register(.)com as that hasn’t worked..Help would be much appreciated!

  2. Great tutorials! I have one problem. I went to add a new category and
    product and the category continues to come up blank, and my item does not
    show. Can you help me?

  3. Cool! thanks for the tutorial. GoDaddy now has a lot of these open source
    apps already inbedded in your hosting account. Just double click them and
    install. 🙂 Word Press Joomla! Drupal Simple Machines

  4. someone built my zencart several years ago and just recently my customers
    were not able to log in or put items in the cart …can you help?

  5. I love this video, well done. fast enough for me to not fall asleep but
    slow enough for me to just about follow along in real time. Thank you for
    taking the time to make this. Now If I could only sell 1 million widgets I
    could pay off my house and buy a Nissan GTR 🙂 Also you have a patient way
    of explaining things and you have a good voice for making tutorials.

  6. That is the best YouTube tutorial I have seen. Thanks for your great work
    and the time you spent to help us all out. Cheers.

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