25 thoughts on “Magento eCommerce Template Installation Guide”

  1. dont waste your time on magento – switch to opencart 10x faster 10x easier
    10x better results…. magento is the worst experience

  2. Personally, I always prefer Magento shopping cart for e-commerce website
    development. Many e-commerce templates available with attractive look and
    advanced functionality.

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  5. depends on your preference. magento has a lot of strong ploints and some
    down sides, just the same as prestashop, just presta is more newb freindly

  6. really awesome tutorial. even me, a computer a-nerd understood EVERYTHING.
    and moreover the music is nice;) thnx guys

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  8. i like house music, and it was a pretty good music selection, WTF would
    y’all want in a tutorial? Now, regarding the tutorial, very easy to follow,

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