20 thoughts on “Adding a template in Opencart.mp4”

  1. Hi, I followed the steps the same. When it came to choosing the layout i
    selected the theme I just uploaded but nothing has happened to my site, it
    is still using the default theme. any idea on what i’m missing.

  2. Ran out of space.. I seen that basic layout, and like to be able to change
    background and other things. I know with any cart there is a learning
    curve. Hope your still answering your message as this video is about a year
    old. Thanks for your time Max, Dennis

  3. I got this website done by a webmaster…but have done many changes to it
    myself by studying youtube videos…I even dont know what the ftp is 🙂

  4. i want to change my open cart to my them that i make it ,can u help me , i
    can do it in word press do u have any tutorial or course helps me

  5. Okay install the cart and all is working now for the fun part of
    configuring the cart. Question I’ve seen on some cart that you can close
    the store front while you work on it. I don’t see where you can do that
    here, question is can you close the store front but as the admin you still
    have access to it while working on it ?

  6. Thanks for reply. no, actually am new to this stuff. what i want is to
    change theme colours of website but keep all background colour, picture
    size etc. as it is.

  7. Hello Max, very good video. I download version 1.5.6 but have not install
    yet hoping everything will go smoothly. So far watching this video has been
    helpful. I take it you have a manual of some sort ? Also wonder if this
    program be install on a windows machine for testing before putting on a
    live site. I work with another cart many years ago now starting another
    online site. I used comerus in the past but will not work a the hosting
    provider I have now I ran it on my own computer in the house

  8. Very new to opencart and highly frustrated that it isn’t more user
    friendly. This video lost me at 4:12 as I don’t understand where you’re
    uploading it to. I’ve downloaded the template – I think I’ve unzipped it
    and now I’m stuck – lol.

  9. hi max, thanks for your video… just wondering if you can send a link of
    how it is possible to change the background colours in opencart? Thanks

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