8 thoughts on “Adding Downloads For Purchase in Opencart – SitesNStores Support”

  1. How to change this status automatically???
    I wants to make the customer after purchase was able to download the file.

  2. What would cause a download to not show up in the link tab of a new
    product? I created the download but when I try to link it to a product
    nothing shows up in the download box.

  3. So every time a customer makes a purchase I have to go and set the status
    to completed? It can’t automatically show up?

  4. Hello, I am developing a system, it will sell of international calling
    cards. In such case, how is the product supposed to be implemented on the
    admin side, since in this scenario, each digital purchase must be
    different, I mean a particular pin number will be downloaded for each
    purchase and not same digital content like in case of digital photos. I
    will keep checking on this page for your response, or if possible, you
    might get me at the email address; izuuanekwe at gmail dot com. Thank you.

  5. Can you do a tutorial on changing or modifying the template and adding a
    different payment gateway e.g. Liberty Reserve to your open cart. Thanks

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