25 thoughts on “Opencart – adding a product with options, eg. colour”

  1. Great video, Terence! Congrats.
    But, do you know how to go around the problem when the product has got more
    than one option? Lets say, t-shirts Model Y that comes in green, red and
    blue; a sizes S, M, L and XL?
    *Note that just creating options Color and Sizes will implicate in loss of
    stock control.

  2. well this is emberesing … i have been meddleling arround in OC for the
    past year ….functions .. templates….. etc … but never had the
    oportunity to work with products options … THANK YOU SIR FOR THIS

  3. Note: If using vQmod and you have a lot of mods, sometimes your mods might
    conflict with adding the option. Just turn off vQmod, add your option than
    turn vQmod back on. You can edit your options once vQmod is turned back
    on. It just seems to have trouble adding the initial part.

  4. I want to sell personalized tee shirts and need to accept text inputs for
    Names and Slogan Text from customers. How can this be done using options?
    The text colour and font are selectable and every line of text added costs

  5. Hi gr3nt I asked the same question and as it stands it wasn’t possible.
    Shoppica2 will be out soon and I’m hoping that it will include an change of
    image for the various options. best of luck

  6. thanks for this exactly what I needed, just a follow up question is there a
    built in function to allow the primary image displayed to change depending
    on the colour selected?

  7. thanks the video was very helpful.can you te how to do this for buk
    products using import/export tool. thanks in advance

  8. Thank you so much. This was really helpful. I think we have the same theme
    shop cart or shoppica, am having a little problem hopefully you can help
    me. the slideshow module on my site is still the default slide show from
    opencart, do you know how i can make it look like the shoppica theme slide
    show? thanks

  9. @TheErmhmm I don’t think there is I’m affraid, there are add ons you can
    buy but they aren’t guaranteed to work with this theme. I think this has
    been raised with the developer so maybe in the next release we might see
    that option.

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