25 thoughts on “How to build an eCommerce website using osCommerce Part 1”

  1. what SOMEONE needs to do is to create a damn installer so EVERYTHING you
    need to set up an online store is included and installed into the correct
    places. its hard enough figuring out how to edit a CSS/PHP webpage, let
    alone, installing all these add -ons and such just to get the damn thing to
    work. I have installed Xampp.. and osCommerce.. but now in order to use
    templates I must also install STS ?

    when are you going to release the rest of your tutorials?? just cant
    wait…I hope you’re not gonna sell it..hehehehe..I hope youre gonna
    release it for FREE..thanks! more power!

  3. Well I think its natural if you would take money for the work you have
    done, since you have put your time into it. And as we all know time =
    money. So the real question would be do you want to save time or money? So
    its a trade, still I wouldnt pay, cause I have the time to do it myself.
    Nice work though.

  4. I gotta go to college to learn all that stuff. It would take me four years
    to learn how to build ecommerce website. I don’t know anything about MySQL,
    APache, Php and so on. 🙁

  5. I have over 35,000 part numbers to enter into an e-commerce site. They are
    all saved in excel complete with part #, decription, and price. Can I enter
    thi many into the OSCommerce site?

  6. It’s been 5 years since you did a tutorial but 2 years since you did a
    video on your home made banana car… Nice con……

  7. Great video! If you want to learn how to boost engagement and conversion by
    adding a Personalization Toolbar to your osCommerce store checkout our

  8. @SteveBraithwaite But they all display the same graphics. Also on that
    version you got there we have to create fixes and hacks for stuff to
    display properly. Haven’t tried the new version of Ie yet though…

  9. I never would have figured out how to set this up my eCommerce shopping
    cart without this excellent series of tutorials. OsCommerce ought to have
    these video tutorials instead of their confusing manual.

  10. @Spellatchi Checkout DepotNet dot com, they have an optimized oScommerce
    shopping cart and offering product data & images loading and inventory
    updating services at very affordable prices.

  11. I will be creating an e-commerce website for a friend. However, I am a
    beginner website developer. I need to how what other tutorials and
    information I need to gather in order to get started. Something that is
    self-explanatory with hands-on exercises. Thanks

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