17 thoughts on “OsCommerce Tutorial, OsCommerce Video Tutorial”

  1. OsCommerce is a shopping cart. WordPress is a blog. They are two separate
    entities. You’ll need to set-up WordPress separately by clicking on it and
    choosing a different place than your shopping cart. If you’re going to do
    Wordpress then I suggest adding the ECWID widget to it instead of
    installing OsCommerce separately.

  2. Is this a ecom site for any company? I’ve been looking for a ecom site too.
    Your sent from above aren’t you?

  3. I did notice. I’m TOTALLY turning my guest bedroom into a studio and I’ll
    have a nice L-word for you. I promise! I’ll make up for my vidiseo mess up.
    I swear!

  4. WeLL….we’LL see about that. For a Long time you and I had taLked about
    the L-word…..but right now I’m aLL through with that !

  5. Renae, i went through the tutorial. i’ve made my shop to be not the main
    page but it is a page that comes after the main address.. how do i get the
    post pages to be the home page and how do i set up a blog page as a
    separate page? can i do all that within this os commerse section or do i
    have to go over to the blogs section and click on wordpress and set up the
    home page to be recent posts and a blog page for my pages that i want to
    use as static pages and landing pages from articles i write?

  6. Hello Renae great video, I do have a issue that I can solve. I uploaded my
    oscommerce catalog to the public_html folder to my hosting company, when I
    type my URL i see a index of page and a link to my site. i do have a
    index.php page, what I’m I doing wrong? Thank you Brad

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