25 thoughts on “How to Install a New Theme in PrestaShop v1.5”

  1. Hello This is not a big deal, but it requires you to organize the files. I
    have come across similar issues in the past because people sometimes leave
    files unorganized prior to zipping. Best way to fix this is by creating a
    new folder on your computer and then putting the zipped folder in the empty
    folder and then unzipping. This way there is nothing to overwrite.
    Afterwards, just sort through the files and upload them to your server.

  2. You realise that your header categories bar should be at the very top, so
    that the white buttons are on top of the black background, and not on top
    of the white background. Also the modules of currency and language
    shouldn’t be there, your template is completely messed up

  3. If you read my article or watch the entire video, you will see how to
    correct issues with thumbnails not showing.

  4. Well whenever I tried to install a theme, bugs like the bugs that happened
    in this video kept happening to me. No videos and no tutorials explain how
    to solve those messes up. I tried a TON of themes, they all mess up like
    yours messed up. I tried playing with the modules panel and the position
    options without succeed. I finally gave up PrestaShop because of this. So
    my comment was just an expression of frustration on how useless I feel this
    tutorials are.

  5. Thanks a lot by the way. Before Prestashop I used to spend thousands of
    euros to so called webshop developers and now with the help of your
    tutorials I can do it my self and save myself the frustration of waiting on
    somebody else to change something and improve my shop. You keep things
    simple, to the point and straight forward. And you use a Mac!!! Keep it up!
    do you have a webshop yourself?

  6. Are you successfully logging into the server with FileZilla? If you are,
    make sure that the path to where PrestaShop is installed is correct. You
    can modify the path via the “Remote site” input box. If that still doesn’t
    help, use your host’s ftp client (control panel) to get to the files.

  7. HELP! I’m using cpanel from hosting co same as yours. I installed PS 1.5
    B&W free theme, all OK until now. i have brought a theme “parfumstore” and
    wanted to replace the free theme. i can’t seem to be able to separate the
    files at the very beginning you show to extract the file with the “theme
    and modules” when unzip the files, it simply opens everything and creates a
    mess as files overrides one other. I am just about to do the same as
    lautaa33, but i paid 4 my theme.

  8. The part in Filezilla how did you get the Prestashop files. I’m not seeing
    that on my. I did the IP address and login but not seeing the Prestashop
    files. Could it be because I’m using a sub-domain?

  9. Does it matter? It’s a demo store. Besides, I wouldn’t refer to a template
    with 2 mispositioned modules as being completely messed up. The purpose of
    the tutorial is to show people how to install a new theme — not how to
    fine tune a theme. Of course for those looking to install the theme in the
    video, simply go to your PrestaShop admin panel, hover over “modules” and
    click on “positions”. Then change the position of the categories to header
    and the position of the currency block to footer.

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