18 thoughts on “Prestashop 101 Day 2 – Basic Prestashop Configuration”

  1. First of all, Awesome tutorials! I’m really getting in to this thanks to
    you. I have a small, for me very import question :D. The backend used to be
    reachable via: localhost/prestashop/admin. Now this page isn’t valid
    anymore! :(. Do you happen to know how I can check out what the correct URL
    is now?

  2. Thx so much for these tutorials ! You are really good at doing them,
    greatly appreciate your effort. Best wishes 😉 

  3. i try to change the slider with another image but the change doesn’t
    work.the image that i chose it doesn;t apeare on slider.

  4. Your tutorials are really awesome. I have question can you please answer
    So you were able to understand that the slide show is coming from slider
    module, is there a way I can see the layout of whole page? what is the name
    of the module which I see on the page?

    Thanks again for putting this awesome video

  5. Hello,
    When I upload my logo, it takes up parts of my home navigation bar. I tried
    to resize the image, however, it makes the logo image a poor quality. How
    would I fix this issue and have my business logo appear above the
    navigation bar as you do?

  6. Hi there! I’ll deal with currencies in day 8 (taxes, currencies, payments).
    Nothing schduled yet for translations, likely to be assigned to a later on
    day (like 11 or so). Day 8 will be published the upcoming week

  7. I’m with Jeannie! I wish I’d come across you days ago if not weeks! Amazing
    how a little bit of “know-how” makes it all so simple!!!! Thank you!!!!

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