9 thoughts on “PrestaShop”

  1. What’s the difference between Prestashop and Cashiecommerce that’s also
    included with bluehost? Do they do different things? Sorry, bit of a novice
    with this stuff.

  2. That is great to hear! We are so glad that we could help you with this. Oh
    and whenever you are ready we would be happy for you to join our family
    here at Bluehost!

  3. Thank you! We strive to be the best shared hosting system out there. It’s
    good to see that you think we are doing a good job.

  4. Bluehost is seriously one of the best hosting companies in the world! i
    hots with them and own 12 websites with them, and can only recommend their

  5. Aha, great, thanks for clarifying. Am really enjoying these videos…..more
    than that, finding them really useful. I’m not ‘techie’ and find the
    demonstrations as you do the work with commentary very easy to follow. Am
    signing up soon!

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