25 thoughts on “Marxist White House On KILLING SPREE :: The FREE MARKET SYSTEM Is On Their HIT LIST !! Ba-da-bing!”

  1. I don’t get it what the hell do you guys want? Do you just want to ban
    communists to not be allowed to hold office? You also complain who they
    teach in school, so communists can’t teach either? That is very dictatorial
    and fascist, and I know that it mostly comes from ignorance propaganda and
    stupidity but seriously how much hypocrisy can you spew before see how dumb
    you are 

  2. I love how Glenn makes it sound like opposing the free market is killing a
    kitten in front of a nun. You know, socialism and communism are actually
    political theories. They aren’t just another word for ‘evil’. But
    socialism/communism is NOT even what’s going on here, it’s merely
    regulation to prevent future finiancial crisis. Capitlism is a very stable
    system capable of generating a lot of wealth. But it is driven by greed,
    and without regulation the powerful will take advantage of the weak

  3. You motherfucking American red state punk would deserve to life in Marxism!
    Finally someone to control all those greedy bastards, who led to the
    economy crisis, leaving a pool of shit for our European economy. LIKE
    ALWAYS IN HISTORY! Just for once do me a favour you red wing morons,
    FUCKING THINK before you do something, please.

  4. The debt is the result of trusting government to intervene in the free
    market in the first place. The free market has been under assault for more
    than a hundred years; it would take a hundred years of capitalist reforms
    to set things right again.

  5. Yes betrayed by the very people that wanted their support, needed it, and
    then punishes Boxer for falling for it. You got it right.

  6. If you don’t think the capitalism is based on greed than you don’t know
    what the free market is. There is not enough space in a YT comment to
    explain, but I would suggest you do some research into it. I never said I
    wanted communism either. You’re jumping from one extreme to the other,
    ignoring the center. Let’s keep capitalism, but let’s not have a completely
    free marktet. Let businesses operate how they wish, as long as it doesn’t
    hurt the consumer. That will require regulation.

  7. uhhhh do people not realize this is surrealist postmodern performance art?
    I can’t believe people take this seriously and completely miss the point,
    no artistic appreciation.

  8. I love how he says: “he was right about one thing; it is this system that
    created more wealth and properity then any other known to man” Epitomizes
    how stupid this man is. This system has actually created the most wealth
    and prosperity… in OUR country. It only achieves this by shitting on
    every other economy (that is how capatalism works, kids) Now i dont know
    what up with That Marxist Obama shit. You fuckers should never have
    demonized Marx, he was a goddamn genius.

  9. How reminiscent are the challenges you are facing as have we and as a
    pathetic acquiescent people we have let our freedoms slip through our
    fingers without knowing as most of our population are as stupid as yours
    and only focus on next week and don’t know anything of history. We have
    been weekend by multiculturalism and any other populist schedules to the
    point we do not know what is the next blow to our freedom but the
    government program keeps rolling along

  10. You say business is owned by the people, as if we all had a say. Business
    is owned by the very few, very rich people. It is clear that the current
    economic climate was caused by a lack of regulation. The invisible hand of
    the market fails if left on it’s own. In capitalism everyone is looking to
    make the most money for themselves. The healthiest system is a mixture of
    capitalism and socialism. The extreme in either direction is a bad idea.

  11. Remember Orwells book Animal Farm, this is happening in the US we are being
    treated like idiots. See the film or read the book, and then watch fall of
    the republic. The simularities will make you shiver.

  12. Obama is as much as Conservative as you are a ballet dancer, perhaps you
    are. Obama was raised and bread on Soul Allinsky principles. Learn
    something and then comment. Glenn Beck states facts, not some bull as
    everyone else. Go Glenn.

  13. To add to that. Keep in my mind That Einstien would have been demonized at
    the drop of a dime, had he not helped the Allies and instead aided Germany.
    In fact he was against capatalism.. Check this quote from Einstein ^^^^^

  14. ACTHUNG! ACHTUNG!! The communist are trying to take over America and the
    rest of the free World! Stalinbama is back! Wake Up America!

  15. Marxism – Political, social, and economic theories of Karl Marx. Applied
    Marxism, in an economy, results in either a communist economy or a heavily
    socialist economy. Obama fits the bill moron

  16. Where is the rubber nose clown? The free market is stealing from taxpayers
    and this clown is the puppet they use.

  17. There are things that people NEED to buy. Like food, clothing, housing,
    medical care. Consumers often don’t have a choice when purchasing these
    essential items. They MIGHTbe able to buy from someone else, if there is
    anyone else to buy from or if they’re prices are any better. Point is, it
    sounds like you’re worried more about the businesses then you are about the
    people, which I don’t understand.

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