25 thoughts on “1978-80 Commercials: Hills Dept Store to Friendly Restaurant”

  1. I have the “Kenny Loggins Alive!” album! He’s one of my favorites! I
    think I got it at Musicland, a popular ’70’s record store in its day.

  2. That robot Mr. Whipple uses looks like either Robby the Robot or the robot
    from “Lost In Space”. Hard to tell which, since they were both built by the
    same guy.

  3. Ahhh…these were the good ‘ol days. No obama in office…..no political
    correct crap….no criminal immigrant beaners infesting every major city
    and town…..no Jersey Shore garbage…..no Kardasians……..drip drip….

  4. Holy crap!!! I haven’t seen that commercial for Friendly’s since I made it!
    That’s me!!! The freaky lookin’ red-headed juvenile who can sink a putt!!

  5. those were the good ol’ days of being a kid in the 1970s….I could eat all
    the fruit pies, hamburgers, fries, steak sandwiches and not worry about my
    cholesterol…..now as adults, all we have to look forward to in
    commercials are drug companies telling us how to get rid of erectile
    dysfunction and a zillion other ailments.

  6. the woman in the Barq’s root beer commercial at 8:55 is my MOM, i just
    showed her this video and she can’t believe it! she’s a stunner!

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