24 thoughts on “Beth’s Classic Salad Dressing Recipes”

  1. Surprisingly enough, salad is on my picky eaters “I eat this” list. Thank
    you for giving me some ideas for mixing up the dressings!!!

  2. All of the dressings look amazing. Grape Seed is a wonderful oil to use. I
    really like the french dressing you shared and will have to try it soon.
    One of my favorite dressings to make is an Asian dressing with ginger and
    honey, oh yum. 

  3. I can’t get enough of that whisk! And I love that you used the grapeseed
    oil for two of the dressings, it’s one of my favorite oils.

  4. Home-made is always better the store brought. I find store brought either
    to sweet or salty. I adore this new series idea.

  5. i usually eat my green salad with balsamic + extra virgin olive oil
    dressing, top w/ some parmesan at home.. easy and delicious, i don’t really
    like to eat vegies but i love salad 

  6. Proof there’s no reason to buy salad dressing! I am going to buy red whine
    vinegar asap. Thanks for this!

  7. thanks beth! im always looking for easy dressings to make. it is SO much
    healthier and cheaper to make your own. thanks!

  8. Well Beth ! U are so amazing that it just feels good to watch the way you
    explain the recipes and the Do’s and the dont’s 🙂 I haven’t anyone see
    someone dedicate themselves in explaining the mistakes and remedies that
    can be made during the recipes ! U are doing a great job… Every time i
    watch your videos… its usually goes on for hours together 🙂 I am from
    India and I feel so encouraged to try so many new things that you share:)
    Way to go :)

  9. fruit pops and ice cream! especially since spring and summer is coming
    along! and definitely the spaghetti sauce idea! perfecto ;D

  10. Beth, I love when you mention vegan options in your videos!! Also, even
    though I am vegan and can’t eat most of your recipes, I still love watching
    all of your videos. 🙂 I would love to see a vegan/vegetarian video if you
    are up to it!! Thanks!

  11. love this new series!!!!
    I would love to know your opinion on whether homemade pasta is worth it or
    not. We made it one time with an elderly Italian friend, and to be honest,
    after all the work I couldn’t taste a difference. What is your opinion?

  12. ICE CREAM!!!! defiantly gonna ask for homemade icecream!!!! any flavor will
    do!!! but is it possible 2 do it without an ice cream maker?? that kind of
    machines is kinda fancy n cost thousands here…. =/

  13. If you have a milk frothing wand it also works wonders for emulsifying your
    salad dressing! Does all your whisking for you so much quicker

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