25 thoughts on “How to Grow the Best Tasting Tomatoes and Virtually all other Fruits & Vegetables too”

  1. Umm…I’m currently growing medical cannabis as well as strawberries,
    catnip, stinging nettle, aloe vera, stevia, mandarin bonsai, and a few
    pineapple bonsais…If you think the nutrient profiles for ANY of these
    plants are ‘similar’ to cannabis you are blindly misinformed or you haven’t
    tried it yourself. Especially in vegan organics, I find my fruits and
    veggies will burn at 50% strength nutes…whereas yield and bag appeal
    improves all the way up to 150% strength nutes in my cannabis.

  2. Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, and Barium. Again, I don’t know that all
    these dangerous heavy metals are present, but I do know the first two are
    in every rock dust I have found. I agree with John’s viewpoint, plants
    aren’t going to have problems processing the heavy metals, however, I was
    just wondering if anyone’s tested produce for heavy metals after using said
    dusts? I’m pretty sure John’s right though, it shouldn’t matter much as the
    plant shouldn’t store a large amount of those elements.

  3. Thank you for that great offer, I will order FOR SURE!!! Question: Will
    rock dust and trace minerals wash out of the soil when it rains? Great
    video, as usual. Thank you John AND Don for really good information.

  4. I agree that most of the guano’s and poops and stuff are waaaay overhyped,
    but there are some really high quality vegan organic liquid nutrients out
    there on the market today…and after me and some fellow patients ran
    side-by-side tests, it was clear that synthetics took the yield and
    effect-potency contests, but ‘veganics’ took the smell/flavor/terpines as
    well as effect-duration contests…too close to decide on other categories
    like stock diameter, leaf-calyx ratio, trichome appearance etc.

  5. Shut the fuck up you religious bastard. If god was real than he would be
    all loving. Not a man that throws you in eternal hell for not believing in
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  6. Hey John. Am using Azomite for the first time in my raised garden, for this
    fall season. Looking forward to the results. By the way, I was at the
    Monterey Bay Aquarium last week, and thought I saw you. ‘Oh my gawd, it is
    frickin John Kohler’. I took a picture, but do not know how to send it to

  7. @Tommyr Actually greensand has a much larger particle size then
    horticultural grade rock dusts and takes longer to break down into plant
    usable nutrients/minerals. Greensand is still a great product to use though.

  8. I ordered the rockdust from rootnaturally thanks to you. I have been adding
    it to my compost pile as it’s breaking down. I’m heading over to order the
    Sea90 now and utilizing it as well. Thanks for all you do to teach those of
    us new to the game!

  9. John, we need to know the amounts to use of the following on our gardens
    and in earth boxes: Sea 90 AND Epsom Salt I don’t know how to email so I
    hope this will work.

  10. thanks john for that information im going to buy my sea-90 minerals right
    now, wish u the best in your success, your awesome.

  11. Love your videos so informative and your so helpful. Placed a order just a
    minute ago. Thanks!!

  12. I think you’re vastly over-simplifying a widely varying
    combos and Strict Synthetics nutes all have their own marketing
    tactics…and ALL are subject to the ill-will of corruption and greed.
    While you might have some valid claims…you are making yourself look bad
    if you truly work in the plant food business…your claims must be highly
    documented and verifiable when you are involved in the industry, or else
    you’ll be doubted.

  13. we have a lab in st louis! its 20$ for a sample they do a full soil test,i
    have a question i have a lot of clay an rock in my yard,you cant even dig
    with out hitting rocks should i use the dust still?

  14. Be sure to use the $5 off coupon GYG to get free shipping and enough boogie
    brew compost tea to make 10 gallons.

  15. Sand is not necessarily the same as a horticultural rock dust. The particle
    size of the rock dust is like a fine flour, sand is too gritty.

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