25 thoughts on “Tava Pulao by Tarla Dalal”

  1. Talrla ji I just want to say I love you. You are so sweet and your recipies
    are so simple. Ypu are the best chef <3
    Thank you for the recipies.

  2. i have heard about this too many times but yet wnated to taste once thanks
    tarla mam for teaching it so lovely and easily….

  3. As always good,easy,tasty and simple recipe but in Tava pulao therre are
    patatos,mushroom,paneer you have not aded that and when should we add

  4. mam maine banaye th…. ek dumm mast bane the….jab bana raha tha iski
    khusbu bahar tak gai thi… thx thx mam…

  5. Thank you for your kind words. Follow our you tube channel for daily new
    uploads. Let us know what videos you would like to see.

  6. Dear Angel: It’s wonderful people like you who inspire me. Please keep
    trying all my recipes on You Tube and give us your valuable feedback. God
    bless. Please try and review our recipes on my website and also on you tube
    as this will help users. Also, we have launched an App for Apple devices.
    Android coming soon.

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