25 thoughts on “Update Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Tomatoes Oct 2012 HD”

  1. I only just got interested in growing food this past summer. Initially, I
    discovered aquaponics, and that got me excited to raise some fish. I saw
    the veggies as a bonus. However, the more I watched videos by people like
    you, mph gardener, and John Kohler of GrowingYourGreens, Rob Bob, Citizen
    Penget, and others, I got inspired, and now I am building my first 28×21
    greenhouse where I will try aquaponics, Dutch buckets, and wicking beds.
    Thank you for your positive information and overall good attitude!

  2. ive been watching your videos for some time now and have too say you are a
    inspiration. And have too say i love your little rant at the end of this
    video gyo is the way forward…… “If you dont grow it … you dont know

  3. Al your video’s are amazing. Very easy to follow. It’s very inspiring. I
    agree with you the label says “organic”, but it could be sprayed with
    organic “waste”. Thank you again for the videos 

  4. I just set up my dutch bucket system (10 buckets) based on your videos. It
    is definitely a learning experience, but fun. Thank you for posting these
    videos. I neglected to “flush” the rockwool cubes to adjust PH prior to
    seeding and had some difficulty germinating seeds on the first try, but I
    have a PH Meter on the way. What PH do you recommend using for seed
    germination in rockwool? Thanks again

  5. I’ve been trying to look through your videos for the blue stuff what is it
    and what is it used for? Do you have a link for it?

  6. hey bobby been watching you for a long time you make it look really easy.
    We have set up a dutch bucket system like you have but are having problems
    with the pump. Went back through your set up video and you said you were
    using a 250 pump. We are running the Polly pipe like you have and the
    return. Tried several different pond pumps and they wont push the water
    up the little tubing to the plants. we have a pump on there now one that
    we had on our weed sprayer and it works but can not leave it running all
    the time it gets hot. can you tell me the exact pump you have in your
    return tank. thanks

  7. Watch the video I did a couple months ago called Hydroponic Fertilizer…
    it answers all of your questions, and then some. 🙂

  8. Hi from Fort Worth, Tx. Just want to say thank you. I don’t have space or
    sun to grow much now but plan to. I don’t remember where I first saw your
    channel, probably a recommendation. You are very talented, seem to be a
    natural teacher and I really enjoy watching! Thank you so much, love your
    sigh off, you are much blessed! I pray the good Lord’s willing for a very
    very long time.

  9. Is there any special reason why you haven’t tried it outside? How many
    branches from the ground level did you remove? Did you find it produced as
    prolifically as your tomatoes…? How high up did the cukes produce? Did
    you video it Bro?

  10. Grow your own food stop eating that crap , hahaha , those are some words of
    wisdom , LOL , lots of great info in this one Bobby ….!!!

  11. As far as matching the nutrient levels in the field, couldn’t you just have
    your reservoir full of compost tea instead of manufactured fertilizer? I
    would imagine it would be cheaper and I bet your tomatoes and everything
    else would go nuts…

  12. sorry, i meant to say, is it possible to make compost tea from a mixture of
    cow, chicken and horse manure, then use it for hydroponics? or is it
    possible to use the same tea, let’s say, mixed in a big tank and create
    drip irrigation (such as in a green house, such as tomato greenhouse)?

  13. I looked them up. A full scale commercial operation. They use perlite in
    what looked like bato buckets, and they grow Geronimo. I grew that variety
    earlier this year in a test. It was a decent tomato, produced a bit later
    than Big Beef. But it is very disease resistant. Matter of fact, I ordered
    more Geronimo a few days ago from Johnny’s because its supposed to be Leaf
    Mold resistant. And that is the problem that I’m dealing with right now.
    Thanks for the info.

  14. Have you thought about using cherry barb fish in your reservoir? You would
    eliminate the need for artificial fertilizers and at the same time feed
    your fish in return…an abundance of perpetuating nutrients…

  15. i like to grow different vegetables and hydro gardens sells 10 8 22 not the
    best for one or an other but good all around so I can only use one nutrient
    for most veges did you every try this and what do you think

  16. how about the yield, is it constant and how is it affected by the change of
    weather. I understand you are inside the greenhouse but do you keep an even
    temperature during winter and how strong is your winter, are you down
    south. Thanks for sharing your impressive knowledge and wonderful idea.
    Please, keep up the good work.

  17. LOL… ask and ye shall receive ! I just asked my wife. She said about 200
    or so. That’s a combination of juice and tomatoes, along with our version
    of V-8. As for processing, I’d get a quality tomato to begin with.
    Something that peels easily, and doesn’t have a thick core. I grow Rutgers
    for our canning needs. As is the case with most things, there’s plenting of
    work involved in canning. But, it’s hard to beat the taste of homegrown
    vegetables from your own pantry. So I think it’s worth it. 🙂

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