25 thoughts on “Drupal 7 / Ubercart Tutorial 4 of 10: Creating an E-Commerce Site”

  1. Sorry but you did not show us how to turn on sitemap, I cannot see the XML
    sitemap tab under Configuration -> Search and Metadata.

  2. too many extra explanation, this is ubercart, it means not beginners, you
    could make tutorial in 10 min rather than 10 videos :)

  3. Any images I upload or that are scaled appear as broken links on my
    website. For example when going to images styles and viewing thumbnail the
    original image appears however the scaled version just appears as a broken
    image. Any idea why this might be happening?

  4. BOOKMARKS 1:02 SITE BASIC INFO Toolbar-System-Site Information -Set page
    title -Set Default Front Page -Set 403 page 2:00 3:18 SET-UP USERS
    Configuration-People-Account Settings 5:10 SET UP IMAGE SETTINGS
    Configuration-Media-Image styles 6:05 METATAGS Configuration-Search and
    metadata-metatags -Title is now included in metatags and can be removed
    7:48 COLORBOX Configuration-Media-Colorbox -Needs to be installed
    sites-all-create folder called libraries (he uses the wrong location first)

  5. 10:47 Configuration-Search and metadata-URL aliases-Patterns 11:58 Fix Old
    URL aliases 12:40 303 page moved fixed with redirects 14:27 PETER IS
    AWESOME 16:32 GLOBAL REDIRECT Configuration-System-Global Redirect 17:25
    XML SITEMAP Configuration-Search and metadata-XML sitemap Helps search
    engines index your site 21:10 VERIFICATION MODULE Configuration-Search and
    metadata-Verifications Needed for Search enginge statistics and such 22:38
    GOOGLE ANALYTICS Configuration-System-Google Analytics

  6. Not 100% sure if anything has changed but the first thing that comes to
    mind, have you configured the content type to use colorbox for the specific
    field you are working with?

  7. Hello, Thanks for this awesome video. For some reason, in my Configuration
    dropdown –> Search and meta data, I don’t have Meta tags option, do you
    know why by any chance? Thanks!!

  8. Hi Peter. Thanks for the great series. However, I’m pulling my hair out
    with the Colobox module. Has something changed with Drupal 7.2.X ? I’ve had
    to install the Librairies API module (which you don’t mention) and even
    though I’ve installed the Colorbox plugin in the right stop (my status
    report tells me so) I con’t get a light box to open for any of my products.
    Thoughts??? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  9. these tutorials are great. Erm… at the part where u add a basic page.
    Basic page was there a few days ago now its gone! :O please help 0,0

  10. I’m a bit stunned about what I can do with Drupal and the complexity of
    it… I did all the tasks so far. Thanks for this tutorial!

  11. hey, dude it’s a gr8 tutorials so far, but when are you gonna upload the
    rest of the parts 5, 6, 7 etc?? waiting for that very badly!! it’s been
    almost 2 weeks now 😉

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