25 thoughts on “Drupal 7 / Ubercart Tutorial 7 of 10: Creating an E-Commerce Site”

  1. Ubercart subscription links are broken for drupal 7

    Im getting these below error after clicking on subscription button on
    product managment:
    Please if you have a soloution let me know

    Notice: Undefined index: 0 in uc_recurring_subscription_product_form()
    (line 169 of
    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in
    uc_recurring_subscription_product_form() (line 169 of

  2. dude, u already make the catalog i was seeking ur tutorial step by step and
    u when u reach 5:49 wooola, u have a catalog there, i’m so newbie on this,
    i don’t know how u make it, plz help

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. One small thing missing so far. If I have a
    product with different sizes then each one has its own SKU and its own
    stock level. Do I have to create separate products for each size, or do I
    use Attributes/options? I can’t seem to add stock levels for each different
    attribute options for one product. 

  4. having a problem.. It say that Dimensions are required for custom packaging.
    only problem is that i set PRODUCT IS SHIPPABLE off

  5. Thanks for the comment, appreciate it. Great to hear the tutorials have
    helped you and you’ve got Ubercart up and running. Welcome to the world of

  6. can you send me a screen shot of the page that you are getting that message
    at? also, what is the path of the page? sounds like the message you get
    when you haven’t created any content but this one is actually referencing
    content types?

  7. are you sure you followed the tutorial – i dont think we covered off
    customizing product views here and it seems like that error is coming from
    some validation you are doing in a view on a taxonomy term?

  8. sorry, i found that i hadn’t activated the role module in my
    installation… but in any case, we were trying to use ubercart and civicrm
    together and the integration was not going too well… so we are probably
    not going to use the ubercart functions… basically, any new customer was
    to have a record created in civicrm that our customer support code follow
    for a year for follow up purposes… Thanks anyway for checking in!

  9. Wow… This shows a real lack of gratitude for another human’s time and
    effort, particularly when it is given gratis. I’ll offer that I found *all*
    of the tutorials incredibly useful and, as an elearning developer,
    appreciate the time it takes to plan out one tutorial much less a series of
    them. I am brand-spankin’ new to Drupal yet, as a result of these
    tutorials, was easily able to get Ubercart up and running. The 2 hours I’ve
    invested have been well worth it and I appreciate the author.

  10. Thanks for these great videos. I find the content, speed, and such all very
    good. The only thing I would recommend is at the beginning of the video to
    do a quick, “Here’s what you will get when you are done with this tutorial”
    and in the case of this video show the view of the catalog and product
    views. Again, your time and effort with this is much appreciated!

  11. the entre reason I watched 2h of this already is to see how catalogs are
    managed.. for example if I have main category Bread and subcategory
    Whatever.. at 5:50 you select a catalog that you previously created .. why
    are you wasting so much time talking about unimportant stuff while totally
    ignoring the important parts…

  12. Glad you like the tutorials.I would say the CSS is the best and easiest way
    to do it – you’ll need to reorder the display of the fields (you do that in
    the manage display for the product content type) and float the image left.
    However, if they dont want you to do that, you could probably do something
    similar by installing the display suite module but to me, you’d be making
    it tougher for them to maintain if you are eventually handing it off to
    them so hopefully they let you make the css change.

  13. I appreciate you think some things are more important that others but not
    everyone shares that same view. This series is provided for free. If you
    have an issue, you are more than welcome to find another resource or
    actually pay for some help. Additionally, each video contains a text
    summary of what is covered. If you are looking for something specific, you
    can easily save time by reading those.

  14. Your tuts are awesome Peter. Your walk thru and explanations are just
    right. Perfect pace and depth.. Please keep em coming… Its like waiting
    for your fave band to release a new track 🙂

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