25 thoughts on “How to Configure Drupal 7 and Ubercart to Sell User Roles”

  1. In terms of a recurring membership without having billing information, I
    don’t think I’ve ever done that but off the top of my head, would create a
    role for new users, allow users to register for the site normally and then
    use rules to check / change the membership after one month. I’d also
    recommend you use rules to send out an email reminding the users that their
    account is about to expire unless they sign up…

  2. Hi Peter. Great video. However, when you are working on Product features I
    do not get the same screen and cannot even see the product features. I am
    using the latest version of ubercart please assist. 

  3. Great video! was wondering if you had anything covering memberships that
    automatically activate upon credit card approval?

  4. How can I create a recurring membership with one month trial period, and
    without asking for billing information before trial expires?

  5. It was good walkthrough. What I am stumped on: the difference in Ubercart
    between “Product” and “Recurring Subscription” that was automatically added
    by Ubercart. I am using Recurring Subscription but it’s not doing the role
    assignment. Could be failure to assign a role be because different content
    type I am using?

  6. Hey I had a question, have you worked with inventory management, I am
    having a rough time managing stock levels and inventory with ubercart.
    Mostly due to lack of experience and not being able to find the right

  7. Hi Shawn, so you need a product which associates a recurring subscription.
    In other words, a person purchases a subscription product from you and that
    product is associated with a recurring subscription so they are billed
    monthly, yearly, etc. Can’t really speak to the failure to assign a role as
    I’m not sure of your specific set up…. let me know if you figure it out
    or need any other help.

  8. right – it is set up to only do that for new users. if you already have an
    account, it won’t do that. good to hear you got it working.

  9. Great Video Yaworski, Why don’t I see any username and password like you at
    12:01? I get the email but there are no login details.

  10. Youtube added a playback speed feature for old farts like yourself. Check
    out the gear icon in the player! I’m listening at .5x and its actually
    pretty nice lol!

  11. Thank you for the quick reply Yaworski, I signed up with my admin email,
    and for some reason it didn’t generate a new password and username. When I
    used a different email and username it worked just like you showed. Cheers!

  12. Hi, can you tell me how did you do the pop down in the menu? If I am on
    people (for example) with my mouse I don’t see the pop down? Can you please
    help me? Greetings, Marjolein

  13. I really liked this video. It was very helpful. Unfortunately, I am not
    setting up my Ubercart through a WAMP, but through a web hosting like
    GoDaddy. How would I set up the encryption file?

  14. It looks to be an established bug in Drupal ( node #1921672 ) — so I am
    going to pop the hood on the code for the Recurring Subscription module,
    fix that and contribute it back to the project. I did find that a work
    around was to do as you laid out with setting a product feature regardless
    of the recurring subscription module. I feel that’s a protem fix to
    establish a role, but it buys some time for a site that is currently in

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