11 thoughts on “How to Create a Drupal 7 Omega Subtheme – Advanced Ubercart Sites #4”

  1. I guess it is set up to do the most good for the most cases; my need for
    attributes/options is rather unique. For instance if I sell meat, it is
    prepackaged and weighed. Product “Beef” can have Attribute “weight” but
    would need Options for “1.21lbs, 1.34lbs, 1.32lbs, etc..” and then I have
    to fill in the Price for each. I want to enter options/attributes as
    fields, not assign them from checkboxes.I know it likely means building a
    custom module, I just wanted to check if I was missing something.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Chris, appreciate it. Be happy to go into
    attributes / options though i’m starting to wrap up this series, probably
    be after that. What specifically did you have in mind though? Agreed the UI
    can be tough to work with when you have a lot of options / price

  3. Hey Chris, sorry for my late reply… this is interesting and i’ll look
    into it. Don’t think it will fit into this series but hopefully i can get
    something together for you. My first inclination would be to set up the
    product as something like “1 lbs of beef” but then you’d have to order in 1
    lbs increments. How exactly does it work for your customers? Is it just
    like a grocery store, i.e., you prepackage something they can buy and that
    could be any weight?

  4. Peter, awesome tutorials!! Glad to see you’re continuing with the Ubercart
    team, these videos are a huge help with my store. Was wondering if you
    would touch on the attributes and options features and maybe go into some
    custom tweaking. I find the UI so cumbersome and impractical when products
    have several custom options with different prices. Great work, favorite
    channel on youtube! Thanks

  5. U make sub theme using omega I want to u use twitter bootstrap CSS java
    script make this ecommerce design if u make sub theme using twitter
    bootstrap I will very very thank full of u

  6. For some reason i keep getting an error saying: Additional uncaught
    exception thrown while handling exception. Original PDOException:
    SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away: SELECT
    filename FROM {registry} WHERE name = :name AND type = :type; Array (
    [:name] => delta_export_ui [:type] => interface ) in _registry_check_code()
    (line 3091 of And some more stuff when i try and do this.

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