17 thoughts on “Creating a Custom Field in Virtuemart 2 Easily”

  1. Hi,
    thx for the upload. But I still got a problem: I do it the same way u did
    and I dont want any extra price for any size but there allways still a
    “+0,00€” attached to the choosen size. How can I delete those? THANKS!

  2. The only thing I was able to find in this area is a bulk editor plugin that
    does bulk editing on custom fields. I added a link to it in the
    description. Hope this helps. Mike

  3. I followed your instructions and I’m sure I did all correctly. When I go to
    Product / Custom field and select the field from the list, the attributes
    don’t popup automatically as described in the video. Nothing happens and so
    I’m stuck there. What am I doing wrong? I have tried 2 installations and 3
    different browsers. I’m on the newest version of Joomla, Virtuemart and the
    AIO. Please help. I get no response on the Forum.

  4. I’m having this same problem. Followed the directions and when I go to add
    the custom field it shows the custom field but the “Auto Matic Pop Up” does
    note show up below…

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