7 thoughts on “Product Setup Configure Virtuemart 2.0 in Joomla 2.0 PART 1”

  1. very helpfull am..thanks alot..one more Question..how do you add the
    default currency to say kenyan shiliing..the price of my products should be
    in ke shiling in my shop and 

  2. Can u help me, i have no add to cart button but i want to have it. i think
    its a bug the in the css code! with kind regreds

  3. Im having shipping pricing issues. the cart is selling, but I dont see
    charges for shipping on the order list breakdown.. I want set prices for
    each item, international and then usa. also what would you recommend as far
    as a click and ship attachment? stamps.com does not link up with virtumart,
    I need something that can handle my ebay etsy and virtumart accounts!!

  4. I would try just unpack the latest VM version into your web files root
    folder, that should write over any bad files with new ones, (backup your
    site first), if that does not work check the VM admin / configuration or
    shop section to see if you have it set up as catalog only. Im sorry Im not
    looking at the VM interface right not so cant give you exact steps to

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